Friday, February 19, 2010


It's hitting me.

I've got family and friends coming over tomorrow and I need to get up and moving to prepare for it. 

18 of them are coming to my home. 

18 of them??? 

Did I also tell you that I'm cooking for all of them?


The Good: I can't wait to see everyone and there are members of my family that I haven't seen in over a year. It will give them a chance to meet my (almost) son-in-law. Did I say how wonderful he is?? It's a family that will blend and all of our habits and quirks will blend beautifully.

The Bad: It's going to rain.

The very Ugly: It's going to rain and I can feel it already.  I'm slugging down pain medication, my pain threshold is going out the window and my attitude is going in the toilet.

Gee, that sounds like I'm ready to get the party hats out! 

What I am looking forward to is the dessert that I'm going to make. 

I'm going to re-create a recipe that the cooking queens made the last time we met. Cake balls. I could make several comments but I won't. Well, it's tempting and I just may before this entry is over.

Red Velvet cake balls. Oh yes..................... just wait until you see them!

So while my hands and body are absolutely killing me the lure of chocolate is calling. Take two and call me in the morning?

I have always had balls.

Now I'll just have Red Velvet ones.

(see, I couldn't resist).


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