Monday, February 15, 2010


Speaking of resolving issues and that huge pile of leaves..........

I need to throw my ex in a bag and be done with it.

He loved Valentine's Day. 

I'm sure this one is no different. It's a day for love. It's a day for sharing. I just didn't expect to share him with anyone else.

So I am going to throw this particular bag of leaves in the garbage.

I know that the next woman will eventually find him on another dating site all the while thinking he is a man of honor, integrity and all hers. His pattern never changes. I think I'd try the single sites. I'm sure he's there. He loved names like Cutie Petutie and the Farkles or the Farklettes. He loves to say suggestive comments in all caps so you feel the urgency. He loves to ask if you can come out and play. The longer everything stays the same, the faster everything changes. 

This is one of those huge life choices that I made and if I could turn back time, I WOULD HAVE NEVER made that choice. I would have kicked him to the curb in a flash and never let him have the power to get under my skin.

I have always hated to fail. That's part of the problem. 

Ok.  Leaves are in and this particular bag is out. 



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