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Fibromyalgia really isn't an invisible illness if you just take the time to listen, if you take the time to try and understand, and if you truly take the time to believe what the fibro patient is saying. Yes, we do seem "normal". We "don't look sick." Aha, but yes, we do. Look in our eyes and you'll see it...pain that never ends, fatigue that goes deep inside to our bones.

You will also see perseverance. You will see determination. You will see someone that doesn't have a low tolerance for pain. No, just the opposite, you will see someone who has incredible tolerance because we live with this pain and fatigue all day, every day.

We wake up with the pain. We wake up feeling like we never slept -- chances are we didn't get much restorative sleep. We are awakened 10--20--30 times a night. We go through our day with the pain and the fatigue, watching the clock to see how long it is before we can take more pain medication. We may sneak a nap because we can't keep our eyes open one more minute.

Fibro really isn't invisible. Not if you take the time to listen. Not if you take the time to care.

So, Happy Fibromyalgia Awareness Day!

To all of you that live with this scary and daunting disease, bless you. Bless you all ten times over! Fibro's not invisible and neither are we. Please, just take the time and have the patience to care.

CJ, in time


  1. How very true do I find these words. I wish people would take the time to look in my eyes. To listen. Though to be honest 4 years with this has left me fed up of hearing my own words my own pain. How I wish for just one day where it didn't hurt. Thank you for sharing xx

  2. Thank you so much, Sara, for commenting on my post. It was a wonderful gift since I was able to find your blog. What a remarkable woman you are! Truly, don't you minimize that-- You are Remarkable.

    I am so , so very sorry about your loss of Livvy. What a beautiful child she was. What a wonderful gift she was to you and you to her.

    And now, though you suffer through this insidious disease, you are going to be fostering children with special needs. Bless you! You are obviously a perfect fit for these children.

    I will pray for you to have the strength and stamina you will need. I pray that you will learn soon the best plan for you for dealing with the pain. And, I pray for you to have patience with yourself so will not feel guilty for saying how you feel to those that need to know. You are much too hard on yourself, Sara. You are dealing with an overwhelming illness and its okay to acknowledge it. Your plate is full to the rafters with all that you have going in your life. Take care of yourself and be kind to yourself. You deserve it.

    CJ, in time

  3. There are times when you feel humbled and this is one of those times. God Bless you Sara. You are dealing with so much and doing so in such a positive way. I, too, will keep you in my prayers! By writing my thoughts I've been privileged to "meet" some pretty amazing women. Thank you for that and again, thanks to CJ for a powerful post that has helped me see past myself and my disease.

  4. Hi Rosemary and CJ,
    CJ this is an awesome post. Makes me want to share it too! You said it and you said it right! Thank you.
    It is amazing, like Rose says, the strength it takes to live with the ongoing pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, and other illnesses like these.
    I haven't been online much and today, with only two blogs that I've visited, I've most certainly been inspired and feel again, connected not only online, but in my spirit to others, like you, who know and understand.
    I was just inspired also by another wordpress blogger, hiddenlives at mycfslife -- you might like to read her blog. She writes beautifully.
    Thanks again to both of you for sharing this post.
    dogkisses and hugs to you!

  5. Thank you Rose and CJ for posting this....
    I love what you had to say CJ and I am going to repost on my blog if that is ok with you? I wish more people would actually look in my eyes....then they would see what I am hiding on a daily basis!!
    I have truly become a stronger person because of all this...the scary thing is though, I thought I was strong before!!
    If there is one good thing to come out of me having fibro it is that I treasure all the friendships I have made!!!

  6. I know. This was stated so simply but so powerfully! This post should go around the world!!

  7. Wow, you guys make me blush...



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