Monday, February 1, 2010


The Road to Nowhere

There's times I still get angry.

Mostly at myself.

I know that pain brings introspection. I mean, you really need to focus on something other than the pain. However that very same introspection; when you really turn that light around on yourself, makes you realize how stupid you really were.

The Narcissist

There are deal breakers in this life and there should be. Why we don't listen to that still, small voice when we first hear it is beyond me. The good thing is that eventually I listened.

It's all about me.

The narcissist destroys what is precious to you.  They actually make it impossible to love them. The problem is that the person on the other end of the relationship hates to fail. She believes she can fix the problem.


It's the sign of everything that is wrong in the relationship. I like to call them red flags.  The warning to stay out of the water. It's a sign of danger and peril. I do like to think that whoever gets involved with them will forever be walking on eggshells because it is, "all about them." 

He cannot reach into the depths of emotion because he lives in the shallow end of the pool.

The only thing I can say is watch them when they start to detach. They always do. They cannot change their habits, they can only cover them up for a little while. Never open up about your feelings hoping that you'll receive something of substance in return.  I'll never forget all the times that I would open my heart hoping beyond hope for the response of my dreams only to hear "you're one of a kind."  

The lines stay the same and the pitch never changes. You are not different than any of the others. When you find the man that states everyone else in his life neglected him and never understood him, question that statement. 

I'll bet there is someone out there that will be willing to enlighten you on the subject.


  1. Hi Rose,
    I read this far and it seems like our stories are so much the same I wonder if it is the same man. I can not believe it! Everything! I'm very tired tonight but glad I took the time to read your posts about your relationship. It is hard and takes a long time to recover. I sure wish it didn't. It is like being robbed, invaded, emotionally raped. That is how I feel. Nobody wants to talk about it either. Just my therapist. People just think you walk away and wash your hands of it but it most certainly isn't that easy is it?
    You know, some people think women who end up with a married man went into it trying to break up a marriage. I beg to differ. And most certainly with a narcissist?! He fools and tricks and cons. It is awful.
    I'm glad to be rid of the guy I was with but I sure look forward to the time when I don't ever think of him anymore. I am doing better most of the time these days. Sometimes I'm not too well.
    It's very good women are writing about this and you are brave to have been so honest.
    Thank you.

  2. Funnily enough they are the same man, just in different physical bodies. Why do we love men like this? I haven't figured that one out yet either. I've read your blog, my dear, and you're one brave lady also! You got through something much more openly cruel than I had. Mine just lasted longer.... :-(

  3. The shallow end of the pool

    Awesome post!!

    I would cry my heart out and express the deepest emotion and sadness after we split..and what I would get in return was some silly song lyric he heard...I always wondered how I could have so much passion about my feelings towards him...and he had nothing but stupid song lyrics....not a genuine heart felt word. I now know why he couldn't....he's not cabale.

    Great posts keep it up...your strength will carry through to each and everyone who reads these.


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