Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I love American Idol. 

I started watching it as one of my "can't miss" tv shows  in season 7 when I saw David Cook sing Hello by Lionel Richie. I had watched it a little bit before but usually right at the end to see who won. 

Then we got to Season 8. I liked Kris Allen. I thought he was great but the showman was Adam Lambert. What a talent!

Now here we are. Paula's gone and Simon's leaving. I know that TV moves on but American Idol was not just about the talent. I enjoyed seeing Paula get goofy and I respect Simon's sometimes harsh words.

So tonight "the girls" found some good in almost everyone, Randy Jackson was almost non-existent and Simon was subdued. 

I hope it get's better.

Too used to work.

Now let's go to The Bachelor.


I'll admit he's hot and he seems like a really nice guy. 

But who are these women?

I mean, who cries after the first date? Who is delusional enough to talk about MARRIAGE and CHILDREN before they've even met the guy? I don't understand that at all. They act like they are emotionally scarred from this experience. Very weird.

Then there are the REALLY spooky ones that look like they're one step away from a padded cell. If they're losing it before the season really gets underway what's going to happen when the cat fight really starts?

Well, let the games begin. It should be a real interesting season for reality TV.

I just want to see Pawn Stars. 

I want to see Million Dollar Listing.

I want to see Tabatha's Salon Makeover.

Geez,  I need a life.


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