Sunday, January 10, 2010


We're driven.

We're work-obsessed.

We're competitive.

Yeah? So what. It's going to wreak havoc on our bodies.

I am a time freak. I can break down the time I need to the minute to put on makeup and I have a real sense of how quickly it can pass.

I have high standards for myself and am extremely self-critical when I fail to reach the impossible. 

I don't show emotions because they can be interpreted as a sign of weakness and I hate to appear weak. The only people that see the "real" me are my closest family and friends.

It isn't that work is more important than relationships but one must be very responsible and sometimes that responsibility takes more hours than a normal workday.

It's not that I love money but it does represent security. Why I can't seem to save any must be an aberration of my personality type.

I am decisive in my work decisions but not so much in my personal life. 

I'm self-motivated.

I don't like unfairness and injustice in the workplace. It tends to make me come unglued. Unfortunately when that happens my mouth goes into hyperdrive and I don't care if it's the CEO I will tell them they're wrong.

I don't like sing-songy little people that go with the flow and wouldn't know stress if it jumped up and bit them. They are the people that drive too slow, take too long at the bank and wait until their groceries are totally rung up and then forget they have to pay. They take their time about EVERYTHING and just to get a full sentence out of their mouth makes you want to slap them silly.

Did I just give myself away?

Am I type A?

I've been told that more than once. 

More than once.


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