Saturday, January 2, 2010


What to do about pain?

Is it because doctors are afraid of abuse that they allow people to remain in pain? If that is the case why not prescribe something that has a fail-safe method? 

Embeda,  FDA approved, is an extended relief pain killer that could be used for people with Fibromyalgia pain. Embeda (morphine sulfate and naltrexone hydrochloride) is designed to discourage abuse if the medication is chewed up, dissolved or crushed which is what happens when the medication is used to get high.

Inside the Embeda is a small capsule of naltrexone which breaks open and destroys the high if the pill is used recreationally as described above. When the pill is swallowed the naltrexone passes through the body and a small amount is absorbed.

That part is exceptionally interesting due to the fact that Fibromyalgia patients have found relief using small amounts of naltrexone. This drug has not been tested for Fibromyalgia patients but it sounds logical that if doctors are afraid of abuse this drug would limit a fair amount of it.

I'm adding a link to the article.

Embeda extended release for chronic pain

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  1. I'm glad I "accidentally" found your blog. Sometimes I feel alone with my fibro , although I know many people have it.Today was a bad fibro day for me. The cold weather affects me very much. Nice to "meet" you.


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