Thursday, January 21, 2010



I went to a new pain management doctor that was recommended by my orthopedic surgeon. I'll be getting epidural injections and I'm also still waiting for the MRI results. 

He asked about my history and I mentioned the Fibromyalgia. He then prescribed Zanaflex. He said it would not only relieve the cramping in my muscles but it would help me sleep. 

What am I taking?

Zanaflex is a short-acting muscle relaxer that addresses the problems of muscle spasms. It's been effective in relieving the muscle spasms that accompany either Fibromyalgia and/or spinal injuries. 

Great. I'm two for two.

So now it's a new doctor who is going to aggressively treat the pain that is constant in my body. I had a concern about all the medication but when he explained it, it makes sense. My body needs help to repair itself. 

So I'll try it. 

At least someone is trying something.

Has anyone had any experience with Zanaflex?


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