Friday, April 2, 2010


The Cooking Queens are now the Cooking Babes.

This is what I almost forgot due to the lovely fibro fog that has consistently enveloped me lately. Every month a group gets together for dinner complete with good times and great food. The group right now includes family and friends that are like family, so it's a real tight knit group. We all love to cook and love to have any excuse to experiment with new recipes.  Last night we made pizza. Our wonderful and gracious hostess required that we wear pajama's which was pure heaven for me! I'll forever love her for that! I threw on a pair of sweats....there you go! She had lovely pomegranate martini's for those imbibing; but I, of course, brought my signature fountain diet coke. None of that for me while on pain medication!! 

The pizzas were fabulous and I hear the martini's were fabulous also! 

It lasted for three hours then I went home and immediately got into bed. I'm such a wuss but lately the muscle spasms have been getting out of hand. I really hate the isolation that the pain imposes on my life so the chance to get together with people that I love is too tempting to pass up. So I sucked it up and took some pain medication and went on my way. I had such a good time and I did learn how to season my pizza stone. I never thought about doing that but the pizza literally slid off the one that was seasoned. Just cover it in olive oil and put it on the top rack of the oven. Every time you use the oven just bake that stone and that's it. It's so simple, but then, the best ideas usually are. My daughter and I looked at each other in amazement....we'd never heard of that one!

So here's to the next chapter of the Cooking Babes. 

Just make sure to email me so I don't forget! 


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