Thursday, April 29, 2010


Fibrous tissue pain.
Fibro = fibrous
myalgia = pain

There are trigger points throughout the body that when pressed are painful. Out of the 18 trigger points, eleven of them must be painful to get a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. Of equal importance the pain must have been present for at least three months or more. These points are scattered over the whole body; in the neck, knees, back , hips, chest and even elbows.

For the "normal" person pressing these points does nothing. They might just feel a little pressure. For the person with this disease pressing these points is extremely painful. It's the pain that causes the journey to begin. The pain and the overpowering fatigue. 

What does the fatigue do? Well, we're told to exercise but we are too tired to exercise. We're told to get out and get moving but after a trip to the grocery store or even simple tasks such as cleaning we're too tired to go out and do anything else. We're tired when we wake up and we're tired when we go to sleep. By the way, we also don't stay asleep very well either. 

Do we have decreased blood flow to the parts of the brain that handles pain? Could it be genetic? I have questions........all sorts of them.

Anyway, now that I have taken the test to see my capabilities in the workplace, I now have to go back and get an updated test on the tenderness of my trigger points. I can tell you that it should be a fun test because the pain hasn't subsided.  I can't handle a lot of pressure on my body right now so this should be fun.

I actually look forward to seeing my doctor again. She's a straight shooter and doesn't sugarcoat anything. I like that. I ask questions and she answers them. She not only answers them she asks if I've understood her explanation. I don't take exception to her asking that question. I really don't. The ever-present fog has really done a number on me right now so I appreciate her concern. 

So on the 10th of May it's off to the doctor and then off to the doctor again! Next week it is pain management and the week after that its the trigger point test. I just wish I could get all this testing over with so the disability matter could be finalized. I realize that I'm a hope freak but I really do hope that the company will see that I am truly not able to function in a high stress position like I had before.

I think I'll take advantage of the sleep while I can. I' m finally getting very tired so I'll pop a melatonin and see if I can sleep tonight. Last night was real tough. I finally closed my eyes around 5 am. I hate things on my face but I'm actually tempted to try a sleep mask. I've got the sound machine and that drowns out noises but I still can't stay asleep.

Okay.......let's see if I can stay asleep tonight...........did I mention that the humidity is also rising? The weather has been so erratic. Hot one day and cold and windy the next. It rained a little so that always makes for a great day! I know I'm rambling........

Goodnight moon..........


  1. I love that the medical community, with all of their incredible advancements, has failed to come up with a better method than "When I_______(fill in the blank--press, pull, push, etc)does it hurt?" "When I scrape this rusty screw driver across the bottom of your foot, does it hurt?" (okay, maybe it wasn't rusty). Anyway, Rose, GOOD LUCK on your pressure point test! And, you have my prayers about the disability.
    I had PT today, plus !*#@* stress about the repairs on our house, so I am headed for the ice packs and the Vicodin followed by the heating pad, morphine, and ibuprofen. Tomorrow is Saturday and I don't have to get up at "O" dark thirty! Heck, I will probably still be up then!
    BIG hugs to you and your tender/pressure points!

  2. Hey CJ........are you still able to work? God Bless You.........
    Gotta tell remind me of my girlfriend with sayings like....0 dark crack me up!
    Hope you can sleep and feel better!


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