Saturday, June 13, 2009


Everything has to be a fight. Everything is an argument. Where is it in the male DNA that if there is any cross conversation that automatically means you're arguing? I mean, really, should it be just bowing and acknowledging the all infinite being? Well, that's not me.

There are times you just don't want to be talked down to and lectured. Well, that's all the time but you can deal with personalities differently at different times. Being lectured just sets me off. Can opinions just be offered rather than shoved down peoples throats?

The very weird thing is the comment that I think my kids are perfect. Now, that's a laugh. Far from it. Perfect? I can hardly write it. Nothing could be farther from the truth, but when things start to deteriorate into an arguing match, let's pull out something that will bring an automatic response.

I won't take being continually hammered and be expected to shut up and take it. Keep the mouth shut and just listen. All that would do is serve to perpetuate the behavior.

I guess I won't win the Miss Congeniality award this year.


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