Tuesday, June 9, 2009


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I used to love the humid, slightly cool, almost rainy days of summer. You could feel the breeze and know the rain would soon follow somewhere in the valley.

These days, I'm better than a barometer. I don't need the news and I don't need the weather. Just ask me. I'll tell you if the humidity is over 18% and I'll tell you if it's going to rain. The joints start to hurt and I feel like the flu is coming on. I'm always right.

I don't know why the change in weather changes our bodies reactions to pain. Maybe it's because we're mostly water. The figures range from 20-55%. I can tell you, I've never been 20% and there are days I would deny to the death that the number is 55%. Water is vital to our health and being mostly water, should we be surprised that we are affected by atmospheric conditions? Physicians and scientists are still divided on the concept. Just ask me. I'm not divided on the concept at all and neither are the people that know me.

The funny thing is that now no one asks why I'm in pain anymore.

I'm more like the Shell answer man. "Hey mom, you hurt today..... should I go to the car wash"?

Just ask me........I'll let you know if you'll be getting that rain check.
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