Saturday, June 6, 2009


You would think that people that know you well understand how fragile you are when you are under the fibro fog. There's absolutely no understanding of pain or fatigue let alone any of the other symptoms that rear their ugly head in one hell of a flare up.

I don't understand the mind that says, "Boy, this is a doozy. I see a lot of pain, fatigue and she's not sleeping. This would be a perfect time to piss her off and hammer her about her life."

Yep. Perfect timing.

Instead of trivializing everything and instead of making you feel like there's something you can do to make this go away AND YOUR NOT DOING IT, a simple desire to find out what this is or just the desire to help in some minor fashion would go a long way. The biting sarcasm and incessent demands don't go real far right now. It's always about you.

Amazing. Absolutely f**king amazing.


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