Wednesday, March 3, 2010



As far as the numbers go, it is a little bit better. 

Not much but every little bit helps.  

Or rather, it should help.

But it doesn't.

I'm watching the news and the weather report seems to be more of the same. We get a few days of decent weather and now the weatherman states there are more storms heading our way. Great, just a another few days of shooting and stabbing pains and the dull ache that envelopes your whole body.

Geez, I can't even whine convincingly anymore. I've resigned myself to the fact that if I want to laugh and smile I will be doing so while being wrapped in a blanket of pain. If I want to walk and move around, which I will do, I will be in pain. Whatever I do right now managing this flare is my first priority. It's the widespread muscle pain that has been flaring up for so long. I am severely impacted by humidity and it just seems that it's been much higher than normal this year. 

So what do I do? I forced myself out today. I know I need to do this! So what happens? I come home a few hours later and fall apart. I just feel so stupid. 

So I will try again  tomorrow. I'm taking my medication so I can get a few hours sleep. I'm not even going to try to watch  a movie. Maybe 

As always I'm looking to tomorrow hoping for pain relief.

To a better day....................


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