Monday, March 1, 2010


My dear friend is going through a breakup. Whatever I got he got ten times over in spades.

It had all the tell tale signs. There wasn't anything of substance just a ton of sexual innuendos. Then came all the issues of the bed. It seemed that he was too used to sleeping alone. Wow, did that sound familiar. I got all sorts of grief because I was up late. Then it was the pillows, then the covers or the temperature of the house. He got the same plus more.  

The problem is that these people are users. With some, it's money but with others they use up all your emotion until you're depleted. By the time that happens you're second guessing yourself and them. I think the hardest part was to let go of the person that I thought he was, the person he created just for me as opposed to the real person that was hiding under the mask. I woke up just in time but it took a lot out of me. 

I know there's someone out there right now who's probably enamored with the person he's created. He will have her smiling and feeling on top of the world. She will be absolutely loving the wonderful emails and calls that keep her nerves on edge. It's the high, the buzz that he loves. He's talented and she'd never believe everything that his wife or I could tell her.  I wish I could not think about that but I do. I don't wish for anyone to experience that kind of heartache. It's a heartache that will bring her to her knees. It will do that because she'll never see it coming.

This has happened to my best friend and I hurt for him. He really wanted it to work. He was even willing to take on more than he should have but he did and with an open and true heart. The only silver lining is that it didn't last long enough to do real damage. He'll hurt for quite a while but he'll get over it. At least it didn't take him 14 years to figure it out.

We have gone through so many girlfriends, boyfriends and heartaches together. Usually he was comforting me. 

Now it's my turn to help him.


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