Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Or is that Green Eggs and Ham?
I do not like the heat
I do not think it's a treat
I do not like it anywhere
I do not like it in my hair
I do not like Green Eggs and Ham
I do not like them
Sam I am

I know it's summer and this is to be expected. I always whine about the heat because unless I'm floating on a raft in the pool, I don't enjoy it. I've always liked the cold weather better than the hot weather of summer. I figure that you can always pile on clothes and get warm but you can only strip down so far...... and you will still be hot...... and I don't like being hot.

This must be a 50's thing.

I like the house around 70. I sleep better (when I sleep) at that temperature especially if there are fans going at the same time. I have wind shear in my bedroom. Picture it, I have the ceiling fan going at full speed, a fan on my nightstand pointed toward the bedroom door and one on the dresser pointed at the bed. I basically have hurricane force winds going around my bedroom so I can stay cool. The only problem is the gale force winds tends to dry out your eyes. Mr. H loves it though; it feels like a ride in the car!

Anyway, I had to go out today to get the application signed for my handicap placards. First, I started out at my pain management doctor. They wouldn't sign the application so the orthopedic doctor was in the same complex. They were nice enough to put me in line so after two hours I walked out of there and I was on my merry way to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Just walking into the DMV and seeing the lines wrapped around the building sent me right back out the door! Plus, it smelled to high heaven in there.  I'll go early in the morning when it's a little bit cooler and I can get out of there fast. 

Then it was back at Costco for prescriptions but they have to order one of them and they won't be in until Friday. I won't whine about being in there because there is always something to buy in there plus I just love that place! 

So, it's back at home and I'm in my old familiar position. 
What can I say? 
It just feels better this way.
The good thing is that the temperatures will cool down by the weekend to the 80's. 
Thank goodness! 
This hot this soon is awful!

At least it's not humid although this heat isn't helping me at all. I'm not sure that the pain I feel is weather related. I don't know what it's related to but I'd like to disinherit this particular relative.

All I can say is that the pain is still around and the heat still sucks.


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