Tuesday, June 1, 2010


May sucked.
First my appendix.
Now let's add a toothache .
A big one.

I'm at a barbecue having a wonderful time with the family. I leave for a little while and pop some gum in my mouth.  It bit on something hard and found that a filling the size of California popped out of my upper molar. As I was looking at it the air hit the exposed nerve.

I think part of my nails are still embedded in the ceiling.

So, I'm running to the drugstore frantically looking for Anbesol or something that I can do to stop the pain. I ended up spending 40 dollars between the Peroxyl, dental gum and Anbesol. Now, I start calling dentists. Of course, it's Memorial Day weekend and there isn't one around. I packed the tooth and waited.

So here it is Tuesday. 
And I CAN'T go to a dentist today.

My former mother-in-law passed away and her funeral is today. I am just too fricking vain to show up at the funeral slobbering and drooling and my face all swollen. 

Just can't do it.

So I packed my tooth again and put myself together and went to the funeral. Also, I took a couple of pain pills and it helped. The good thing is that I got to see members of the family that I hadn't seen since my ex and I divorced and that was in 1991. It was nice to see them and to learn what they have done with their lives but it's still weird for me. I'm on good terms with my former husband and his wife but what is odd for me is being a part of this without being a part of it. Do you know what I mean? I'm really not a member of that family anymore but there's such history there. That's what I mean about being a part of it but not being a part of it. 

So now that this is all over it's off to the dentist to see what the heck is going on with my tooth. I wonder how much this little adventure is going to cost. I hate going to the dentist and right now I can't afford to spend a ton doing this but I know I need some work done. 

So tomorrow I start the appointment process and see how fast I can get this over with.

Thank goodness the filling fell out of one of my back teeth and I don't look like snaggletooth.


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