Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'M IN HOT WATER............NOT!!!!!!

If I have to make a bet 
between me and the world,
right now,
I'll bet on the world.

I don't live life in the fast lane anymore. To be perfectly honest, I don't even live life in the slow lane anymore. Since the onset of the pain of Fibromyalgia the pleasures I used to enjoy have dwindled to just a few.

A hot bath in a jetted tub is one of them.

I find that when I get in the tub of swirling water at night it helps me relax. I take a muscle relaxer and take a good book, my diet coke and I light some aromatherapy candles and try to keep my muscles from going into painful spasms. It's one of those simple pleasures that, for just a few moments when I close my eyes, put me on a beautiful, verdant tropical island far away from the barren wasteland of Fibromyalgia

I love that part of the evening. There is one slight problem with a jetted tub and I cannot stress what I am about to tell you enough. Never, and let me say it once again, never put even a little bit of bubble bath in a jetted tub. Then after you've been dumb enough to do that, never lay back and close your eyes and surrender yourself to blissful meditation.  First of all, amazing grace bubble bath in your nostrils is vile. Second of all, it makes a TON of bubbles. It takes forever to get rid of the bubbles.

Anyway.......I digress.

I really looked forward to tonight. I really needed that bath tonight. My muscles are cramping and my hands are really hurting today. 

There will be no bath tonight.
My hot water heater is kaput.

The plumber came out and thank goodness I have a home warranty. As it is they don't cover all of it but it covers most of it. However, they can't do it until tomorrow. Now I get to stress about how much this is going to cost and I need more stress like a hole in my head. 

So, no bubbles. No tropical island. No hot water. No relief. No relaxing. Just stress.

Well, I'll turn on Hell's Kitchen and watch Gordon Ramsay yell at the chefs. That will make me smile! Then America's Got Talent all the while wishing I was in a nice warm bath.

I just had a brilliant idea. I would LOVE a flat screen TV embedded in the wall (with cable) so I could be in the bath and watch TV. 

I'd never get out of the water.
I look good as a prune.


  1. This is Mama Judy: Bath is good, book is good, smiles are good, DIET COKE IS BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD for fibro!

    Love the prune image!

  2. Yes, Mama Judy.........I know and I'm trying. It's such a hard habit to kick. (how bad????)



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