Friday, June 25, 2010


I am dreading this appointment.
Need I say more?
But, of course, I will.

I've already made it abundantly clear that I do not like going to the dentist. I meant that. Today, I've got the second appointment for the root canal on the other side. 

That means more Novocaine shots which will make my face and a chipmunks look identical. There will be more instruments of torture drilling holes in my tooth. Not only will my face look swollen for a couple of days but it will also hurt like holy hell. 

It may sound weird but ever since this root canal crapola started I've had a huge flare. Is it the stress of the dentist? Maybe that does have something to do with it but if that were the case the simple relaxation techniques would work. 

This doesn't take relaxation.
This takes drugs.

Oh. I forgot something. Because I feel so icky from all this work I need to get moving.....hmmmm...right about now. Why?

Because it will take me that long to get moving and dressed. I think I'll sit in the shower for an hour and then crawl to the vanity to put on makeup that will just get rubbed off anyway.

I think if you're going to the torture chamber it's important to wear red lipstick. That way, if it's going to be all over my face it might as well be all over them too. Plus, it just makes me feel a little more festive.

Important for today, don't you think?

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  1. I don't know if this is why you have a flare-up but for me it's several things.

    1. stress
    2. pressure - the pressure that is applied with pulling, drilling, capping, grinding, whatever
    3. the laying down and coming up in the chair really affects the OI (orthostatic intolerance)
    4. stress
    5. the length of time I have to stay in one position

    And lastly but not least, stress....

    I hope all goes well....


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