Thursday, June 3, 2010


Here comes the heat.

This weekend the temperature is supposed to get to 108. I guess I'm now living in the seventh level of hell. I know that the heat is better than humidity but this is just horrible. The good thing is that I won't have to leave the house. Just point your hair dryer at your face and stand there. Well, at least it's a dry heat.

I think one of the things I hate the most about all of this is the fact that I'm not exactly in swimsuit shape. One of the things I hate the most? Untrue. I can make a list but this fat crap is right up there in the top ten. It started with the Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. This thing still isn't under control. When I had my appendix out I didn't eat for 4 days. Do you think I lost one fricking pound? 


I really don't eat crap so this thing has been really hard on me. I hate looking in the mirror and seeing fat. Chronic pain really screws with your head so adding the physical changes that happen when your thyroid malfunctions doesn't help at all. I really thought that when I started taking the thyroid medication my body would even itself out and I would be able to lose some of this weight. Again.............. 


I read that I must eat in order to lose weight. So far it hasn't worked. Eating doesn't work and starving doesn't work. What will work? If anyone has any ideas let me know because even though I know that I should not be defined by a dress size my heart does not believe that. So as the sweltering heat arrives and I start to melt I will not be in a swimsuit. I don't think I could look in a mirror on that one.

On top of it all the pain has crept back into the picture. I had a pretty good day and by the evening my muscles started twitching and my body just hurts all over. Pain and heat; my disposition should be wonderful. I hate being hot so coupled with the fact that I don't feel good I can see that the summer months should not be the time to mess with me. Let's see, I hate being hot, cold, in pain, the humidity and being fat. Is there anything I like at this point? Hmmmm....nope.

I've got such a great attitude about this, don't I?

Wait, I get better.

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  1. Hi my friend, a quick note to say I am alive. All the stress has caught up with me and I feel like a mack truck keeps running over me....back and forth!!!! Once I get thru this I will send you a long hellllllooooo :)
    I am sorry the heat is so bad, I won't complain about our 90's, but I hate our humidity!!!! I am on a med that has really really helped with my weight loss, it is called
    topiramate. I take it at night for pain....side effect is weight loss and loss of appetite. I have lost 20 pounds....13 more to go...
    Thank you for being my friend...:)


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