Thursday, June 17, 2010


It's a wonderful thing to get a gift.
Especially one from the heart.
Thank you so much Jolene.
And now it's time to pass it on.

It was so nice to wake up and find this wonderful gift waiting for me on my blog. The woman who gave it to me is a real inspiration. What makes it even more special is that she has been feeling like, in my terms, crapola lately. And that is putting it mildly!  Graceful Agony  is a blog that lifts you up and gives you hope that one day you will feel like getting back into this life again. The great news is that she just got published! 

Now to pass on my gift. 

As acceptance of this award, the following criteria should be met:

  • Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

  • Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.

  • Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Ms. Lynn-Marie at The Invisible Disease, the journey of a Fibromyalgia Fighter is one of my twins. I say one of them because I've been fortunate enough to meet a couple of them. Lynn-Marie tells it like it is in her battles. Sometimes she can't move and you can feel her frustration and tears through her words. She has a wonderful, giving spirit and I hope you'll visit her blog.

Ms. Michelle at  Dogkisses Blog is a soul sister that has gone through the trials and tribulations not only of chronic illness but of a narcissist love. We found that in common and through all of our struggles came out on top. She is a fabulous writer and has a depth of soul that will touch yours as well. 

Ms. Judith and Max at CreativitytotheMAX is a place to go to find myself. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist that was blindsided by Fibromyalgia but through her creative imagery and self determination makes the best of what this life has given her. She passes her gift on and it has helped me find mine. Max is wonderful and be sure to say hello to him when you stop by.

CJ at  CJ in Time  also got this award today from Jolene at Graceful Agony however it wouldn't seem right if I didn't pass this on to her as well. She is honest, forthright and a real sister in this fight. Her words sometimes move me to tears and sometimes to amazing insights about myself. She is wonderful and please stop by her blog and encourage her. She's wonderful!

I just found My CFS Life. This woman is a beautiful writer. She brings her life alive and you can see through her suffering to the outside world. I love reading her blog and I hope by passing this one it brightens her day.

My Pain is Real/ Daily Living with Fibromyalgia is a blog I recently found as well. It sounds like she's beginning her struggle with this disease and could use some uplifting. I like reading her honest blog about her feelings. Stop by and say hello.

Cranky Fibro Girl is one of my new gems! She is just snarky enough that it has me laughing on my worst days! She just cracks me up! Definitely stop by, but I'm not sure that she'll like "lovely" blog. Snarky blog I'm sure she'd like!

My fibro-fog blog is very interesting. We think of Fibromyalgia as a female gender disease but this blog presents symptoms from a male point of view. 

Living with Fibromyalgia is a blog I started following recently. She is looking to reach out to others with Fibromyalgia and educate herself and others about this disease.

Just Breathe is a blog from a woman who had a car accident and ended up with a few things, Fibromyalgia being one of them. I read one of her posts and it really tugged at me. ***I got a comment that this site sets off a security alert on her virus software. I haven't had it but please be careful visiting this site. It might be adware or something but please be careful!

Conquering Fibromyalgia is by a woman who just started blogging about her symptoms. Stop by and encourage her.

Chronic Chili is a blog I just started following. I left a comment and she has some interesting words and and is looking for people with Fibromyalgia. Stop by her blog!

A Patient's Perspective on Fibromyalgia  is pretty new to me but I felt bad that she lost one of her dogs (i.e. babies). 

Butterfly Dreamer Please stop by this blog and encourage her. She's got a lot of followers but she's been thinking that she hasn't got anymore to offer and it might be time to go. She's got a beautiful blog and her poems are beautiful.

It's time to get over how fragile you are. I just just found her and fell in love with this blog!!!

So there we are. There are my 15 and I hope they will pass this on. To my dear Jolene, CJ, Michelle, Lynn-Marie and Judy; thank you so much for you inspiration, praise, help, concern, friendship and care. I love you guys!



  1. I know I need to fix the colors and now I can't remember who I notified.
    Damn the fog!

  2. Just to let you know - just breathe - sent off a major alert on my blog. This was the message my virus protector sent out. FYI...

    "This web page at has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

    Attack pages try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.

    Some attack pages intentionally distribute harmful software, but many are compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners."

  3. Hi Rose,
    Thank you so much for including me in your giving. I am delighted and honored.
    I just don't know what to do with it, how to put it on my blog. Maybe I'll figure it out but whenever you have time, if I haven't already perhaps you'll tell me how.
    dumbdumbdumb... or brain fog?
    Miss Michelle/dogkisses.

  4. Okay, I am an idiot! I did not realize you had sent me this lovely gift, too! I thought you were just commenting about Jolene's! I just now found this and I feel like a fool.



    BIG hugs,

  5. Hi Rose!
    I finally posted the lovely award.
    Thank you again.

    "Warrior Women with Blogs Award"

    I did have to modify the rules a little, but everyone I know is pretty darn tired.
    Hoping you are surviving the weather. It's hot here.

    xoxo dogkisses

  6. Thank you so much for the blog award! You are most kind.


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