Thursday, June 3, 2010


You thought it would be something else, didn't you?
However, it's another kind of vice.

I went to the dentist and was informed that I'd need a root canal on the tooth that had the filling fall out on Memorial Day. Evidently there was decay under the filling so she started the process of drilling the heck out of my tooth. I hate Novocaine shots but what's even worse for me is the vibration and the sound from the drill.

Three hours later I walked out of there. My mouth was still numb but I was thirsty. I made the mistake of trying to drink some water out of a bottle that I had in my purse. Water was running out of my mouth all over me so the water bottle went back in my purse.  I know better than to try that when I'm still numb! 

Next, it was off to Costco to get my prescription filled. I can't believe the difference in the cost! Normally without insurance the Cipro would have cost me almost sixty dollars. At Costco the cost of the prescription was 8.72. I will never go back to Walgreen's after this. I mean, that is a HUGE difference! I waited about a half an hour for that; got back into a hot car because the temperature was about 98 and headed home. The Novocaine was wearing off and the slight ache was turning into a full blown throb. I finally got home and by that time my face and my head were really hurting. I almost never get headaches and when I do they are the type that is a dull ache right behind my eyes. I just want to turn off the lights and close my eyes. 

The cool thing that Costco gave with the prescription was an in-depth narrative on the side effects and a list of medications that I should not be taking with the antibiotic. I take Zanaflex at night and that was one of the medications that could have serious side effects by mixing it with Cipro. Usually I don't read those especially if I've taken the medication before but since the Fibro I watch everything. I'm so glad I read that today; it could have caused real trouble. 

Speaking of trouble, for some reason I'm much more sensitive to any procedure involving my body. I've had root canals before and no big deal. Since I've been hit with the Fibromyalgia everything seems to be a big deal. Does that happen to anyone else? I first noticed this when I went for a massage and facial. I used to love them and now I just don't like anything putting pressure on my body. Weird, isn't it? 

So now, I'm going to shut down the computer and give my eyes a rest. I've taken the antibiotics and I've got a ice bag that feels so good on my face.  I hope I'll be able to get some much needed sleep but I think I'm a hope freak.  Actually, more than getting the sleep, I just want to get rid of the headache. 

Good night and sweet dreams. 


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