Thursday, July 8, 2010


The nest.
It protects and it nurtures.
It shields and it comforts.

I went to the support group luncheon today. There were only a few women there and, at first, I was a little disappointed that more people didn't show up. 

It turned out to be a blessing.

We opened up to each other and told our stories. We offered simple remedies that worked for us for sleep or pain. We could agree to disagree about medications. 

What a wonderful afternoon. We really got to spend some quality time together and got to know each other. Then we started talking about our beds and a lovely woman named Marianne gave it the definitive name.

The nest.

So today I'll write about my nest. I'm big on white sheets. I think it's yummy to get into cool, crisp white sheets. Also, because I don't sleep real well, I use aromatherapy. Lavender is great for sleep and I spray that on the pillow cases. 

I could really relate to the term "the nest" because I'm also big on pillows.
And I've got a really big pillow. 

Meet the Comfort-U pillow. It was designed by a nurse who also has Fibromyalgia. I stumbled on this a few years back and I truly cannot live without this pillow. It's a big horseshoe of a pillow that can be twisted and turned any way possible so that there is no pressure on your body. I LOVE this thing. It is kind of expensive but it has been well worth it!

The last part of this little ritual is my natural sleep aid. It's called Mid Nites and I get them at Walgreen's. They are completely natural and they do help me relax and sleep. I hesitate to take prescription sleep aids because I take medications for pain and muscle spasms. I don't like combining too many medications because I don't know how they will react and interact with each other.

So here I am surrounded by pillows and the sweet smell of lavender. I wish I could say that I'm off to dreamland but, alas, this is not the case. So on the top of those sweet smelling sheets and pillows is my laptop. I also have my television that stays on pretty much all night. I know that doctors would tell me that would not be conducive to a good nights sleep but their ideas don't work for me.

I've tried them.

Now, I like the bath idea to get relaxed. As far as I'm concerned, everything goes better with water! What doctors prescribe as behavioral modifications that will help treat insomnia just doesn't seem particularly helpful. I really do understand the intent but, for me, it doesn't really help me sleep. Actually, it makes it much worse. If I'm in pain and I'm lying in bed with no TV, phone or computer I would be a basket case and sleep would be pipe dream. What that means is that I'd have absolutely nothing to distract me. What I would be doing is lying in bed thinking about the pain.

I think that we all have different ideas and remedies that help us make it through the night. It's nice to hear what works for others because in the end all we have is each other. The medical community can prescribe pills but sometimes we need something else. 

We need comfort that isn't pharmacological.
We need support and we need each other.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed your time with them and found it so helpful. It's sooo nice to have a community of support, whether online or in person. I'm glad that you have this.

    And I'm sooo glad you've found through trial and error what works for you for sleeping better. I'm still working on this. It sure is tricky. That lavender scent and huge pillow are great ideas! I'll have to look into that! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  2. Hi sweetie! I was nice! As far as the sleep stuff...I may have to revise that. Last night I was still awake at 5!! Some nights it works and some it doesn't. Well, at least my pillows smell good!


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