Saturday, July 17, 2010


Just a quick update. 
My car thermometer
reached a new high yesterday.

119 degrees.

Who the hell looked at Las Vegas 100 years ago
and said.....

" trees, no water,
hotter than hell...........
looks like paradise............
let's settle here!"

And it's more of the same today!
Only with humidity.

Just dandy!.........


  1. I grew up in Phoenix -- that's why we live in Southern California close to the ocean!
    I remember coming home for a visit after being away for awhile. Getting off the plane at midnight and the temperature was 98.
    Maybe you could run under the sprinklers like we did as kids!
    Hang in there. I think snow would be worse for fibro?

  2. So today I got the brilliant idea to mow my lawn. So i'm going along thinking ... phew... it's warm out. I keep pushing on. Hubs brings me out water to rehydrate. Then another and yet another. What they hay is going on here? We go on. I thought it said 87 degrees. NO... 107 with feels like. So it was 97 and hotter. GOOD GAWD.. what an idiot I was. NOW, i'm tired. :) Not loving the heat but still loving my mowing. Hugs. Tazzy

  3. Ughhh that sounds just awful. Admittedly though, most of the rest of the country isn't faring much better these days. :( It's been pretty dang hot in Chicagoland too, MEH! I feel like my body is going through the wringer, gack! :(

  4. Hi Rosemary! I somehow did connect your name from when you left a message on my blog, with "Seeking Equilibrium" ;) I've been subscribed to your blog for ions, and love it! :) So glad to finally "meet" you!

    BTW, I feel for you with all that heat! Eek! I hope you have really efficient air conditioning :P


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