Sunday, July 18, 2010


I thought I'd re post this video.
It's a video that we wish our doctors,
who don't believe this is real,
would watch.

I wish we had a pain clinic that treated the whole person just like this one does. It makes so much sense. We've got doctors that pat you on the fanny and shuffle you out the door. We've got pain doctors that write a prescription and could care less how you feel. If you even dare mention that all this pain and fatigue is causing depression they think you're just depressed and you're imagining all these symptoms.

What could be better than a clinic that treated you as a whole person and personally? No wonder they got the award for their clinic. What I wouldn't give to have something like that in Las Vegas. 

I take that back.
What I wouldn't give to have a clinic like that in every major city in the United States.

Pain is real.
It's not imagined.

Whether the cause is Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, MS, Arthritis or any other disease pain is an everyday factor in our lives and we need help in order to manage it. There are days that we can manage and days we can't. We need something or someone who understands and gets it. I not only got valuable information from this video, I got depressed.

We don't have anyone who treats the whole person.
How do we find that?


  1. The most brutal thing to endure is the doubt of others. You don't wish it on them for fear they would suffer as we do but you do wish they could have it for maybe and hour, a day... just to understand your position in life and how hard we really do push through the pain. It's tough. Hugs. Tazzy

  2. Hi Rose,
    I enjoyed the video. Very informative. The first research doctor in fibromyalgia (and the only one) I met in 2006 gave me his research on CSS (Central Sensitivity Syndrome). He was such a great doctor but moved to the mountains. I remember the day I met him being a day that changed my life, finally I'd met someone who knew about fibromyalgia. His name is Dr. John B. Winfeild. He said in a couple of years I would see this research and here it is!
    Maybe it's just fatigue and hormones but I cried at one point during this video, and I cried hard. I had to stop. I nearly got sick. I didn't know what I was crying about, which is unusual for me. Sometimes when I see videos or read something about fibromyalgia a lot of emotions rise from the depth of my being.
    I get scared. I have wondered if my son has it. I get scared of the future but I guess, it is better to think about the fact that research is actually being done and eventually, maybe the doctors won't live in the dark ages anymore and hopefully, they find a drug that actually helps without wreaking havoc in some way because of side effects.
    Thanks for sharing the video.
    I hope you are doing okay as I write, and staying out of the heat.


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