Thursday, June 17, 2010


I didn't ask for an opinion.
I didn't even bring up the subject.
Besides, my idea of a group decision
Is looking in a mirror.

Duct tape is a wonderful invention. I'd like to have pieces of it in a pop up dispenser for use every time I get a call like I got this afternoon. I should have known better. I really should have known better. It always happens when I go against my better judgement. I saw the number come up and it looked familiar. What harm could there be in answering the phone?  

I get so frustrated by her Ms. Fix-it personality. This woman should change in phone booths and come out with Supergirl on her chest. If I am Type A squared, I would categorize her as Type A-Pi. I sold her a home in one of my communities years ago and she stayed in touch. It was a moment of madness that I gave her my cell number and have regretted it ever since. Every so often she calls me and my eyes will glaze over by the time the one-sided conversation is over. Most of the time I can't tell you what was said in the conversation because I'll just interject an uh-huh every so often.  It was enough to drive me crazy years ago and now it makes me want to run for a voodoo doll and start pulling appendages out and sticking pins everywhere. She means well but it still makes me nuts. Initially, I felt sorry for her because I thought she needed someone to talk to but then I realized she wanted to preach. 

Nothing much has changed over the years. As usual I didn't say much in this conversation.  She said, "how are you?"  I told her that it wasn't a real good day today and asked if I could call her back. She wasn't about to let the conversation end there and she immediately went into this lecture about nutrition, red meat and if I ate correctly I wouldn't have any of the problems that I have. 

It does no good to argue with her. She doesn't take a breath long enough to get a word in edgewise anyway. What I did is program her name and number in my phone because I won't answer a call from her again. I really hope she never gets ill. Only then will she find out her diet won't save her. I know that proper nutrition does help our bodies but it doesn't cure chronic pain or chronic illness.

It was a disturbing call. I felt all this seething anger at her insensitivity and stupidity. Then I was angry at myself for not calling her on it but I just didn't have the energy to go there. Besides,when people are convinced that they have nothing to learn it's impossible to teach them anyway. Just one more brick in the wall. I did have fun imagining her face on a voodoo doll. I just needed to shake it off. 

I now understand the frustration you feel when people decide to inform you how to fix this disease. Between the vitamins, diets, drugs and what they'll do to my liver it is a never ending bashing. Oh, by the way, the drugs and what they do to me? Ask me if I care when my whole body is crying in pain and my muscles are spasming and cramping. Do you really think I'd want to go cold turkey and visualize my way out of my misery? Not on a bet.

So how did I spend my evening? I popped a muscle relaxer and shuffled my way into my bathroom and thanked the god of water heaters for that glorious invention.  So I filled my tub and relaxed.

In a glorious hot bath.

I guess you could say that I'm back in hot water.


  1. Hi Rose!
    I had this acquaintance I once called a friend, but later learned better. She was a Vegan. One day while struggling with a low appetite I proudly stated how I had managed to eat a boiled egg that morning.
    "Don't you feel guilty?" she asked me.
    "Uh, no, I don't," I said.
    "Well you just killed a chicken!"
    She told her boyfriend, a vegan who wouldn't even ALLOW her to eat chocolate, garlic and I forgot the other food item, but they were all good for you.
    He decided to preach to me, saying that the guilt I had once shared with them (when I thought they were my friends) was a direct result of the dead animal spirits in my body. He concluded that my having eaten meat or any products associated with animals was the cause of any health issue I ever had.
    The remark that gets to me most is "You need to get out more and excercise."
    I thought about how I recently suggested to you to try and get out and later, I hoped you hadn't heard it like I was dismissing your pain and fatigue and how extremely hard it is to get out!
    You know what you need more than anybody else knows.
    Also, if that is your tub in the photo, well, I can see why you get in it!
    I don't take nearly as many hot baths as I should. I have hot flashes and sweats, so lately I've been taking cool showers.
    One more thing, I was relieved to discover it was not the N calling you. Very relieved!
    I hope you are doing okay. You are in my thoughts and I wish you peace and rest.
    In friendship,

  2. I have LOTS of duct tape here hon... Would you like to borrow some?
    and Psstt... you have something waiting for you on my blog.. go take a look ;)
    Love ya!

  3. I'm sorry but you had me rolling with laughter! I know that was frustrating - and I can totally relate - but that was priceless!

    It amazes me to no end how insensitive people can be. My friends and I have developed several ways to communicate depending on how my day is. Bad days mean texting. Good days mean calls. Cave days (don't even talk to me on these days) mean wait three day and then make sure I'm okay.

    We had to really work at setting these boundaries though. It was hard work and tiring. Imagine having to do that w/everyone we have to meet. Yikes.

    I'm glad you ended you day in the tub. I thought that was a great exclamation point at the end of that conversation!

    BTW, congratulations!


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