Saturday, July 24, 2010


I don't know how much I'll write tonight.
The voodoo pain is in my legs right now.
It feels like a spring is winding up and
it's so tight it's ready to pop.

I have already been in the bath twice today. On top of it all it feels like my lower back is starting to go out. That is definitely not a good thing. Since the car accident a couple of years ago it hasn't been right and the subsequent pain that starts there and runs down my legs is not easy to handle. 

I just got up and took a pain pill.

Then a dear Fibro friend sent me a message that her pain is intolerable. I understand so well what she is going through. It seems that everyone I'm communicating with is having some kind of flare. Not just any flare but a real doozy of a flare.

I wish I could take it away from them. 
And I know they wish the same for me.

Maybe a half of a muscle relaxer will help too.

The humidity is up and there were clouds circling the valley today. I could feel the humidity rising because I always feel it in my hands and feet. Right now the bottom of my feet hurt so bad I don't even want to walk. I sit and rub my hands just so I can finish typing this. Boy, am I a sight; muscles spasms, pain, and the need for sleep that I won't find. The pain is so intense that I want to cry.

I hurt today but I thought I'd move around and bake some lemon bars and make a pasta salad. I didn't think it was a big deal. Halfway through the pasta salad I knew I was in trouble but I pushed through it. That was a huge mistake. Now I'm sitting up in bed, watching the movie, The Holiday, and wishing for a baseball bat to take the pain from my legs. Now, I can't do that, can I ?

I'm getting the heating pad. 

The baseball bat for my legs is next.

All I want is for it to stop...............just, please, stop.................


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  2. Oh, how I know too well how deceptively easy it is to think something is "no big deal" and then realized halfway through that I was wrong. I do the same thing, push until I get the task done and then pay for it afterward.

    Instead of a baseball bat, I try to engrave the experience into my brain so that I remember it the next time. My Golden Rule of Chronic Illness is: If I push I will pay, If I pace I can play.

    I hope you are doing better now that a few days have passed.

  3. Rosemary - I'm so sorry you are feeling so bad today. I do get the leg thing. Yikes I hate that!

    I hope you are able to rest tonight and that the pain starts to reside soon.

  4. I am so sorry, Rose, so very, very sorry. You are right, there seems to be a nasty outbreak of flares/fire storms. You are in my prayers.


  5. Hi Rosemary,

    I'm a bit behind in reading all the blogs I love, but better late than never ;)

    I hope that horrible flare you wrote about on Saturday has eased off by now :( There is nothing worse, than feeling like you can't handle anymore, and not knowing how much more you have to endure. I'm so sorry you had to bare through that, and hope you are feeling some relief now!

    BTW, I do that too, on better days... thinking I can take on something that shouldn't be a huge deal, like baking muffins, just to find myself half way though, hanging on to finish what I started. It's so frustrating.

    (((gentle hugs)))

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